Pegah Izadian is an Iranian multidisciplinary artist, currently living in Tehran. She is an animation director, screenwriter, puppet desiger and lecturer, and has published four articles discussing the field of contemporary experimental animation. She has a master's degree in animation from Tehran Art University, and her thesis received a diploma of honor from Tehran International Animation Festival.

Puppet Design

In 2017, by mixing handmade design experience and stop motion animation experience, I made my first stop motion puppet which originated from my personal character. Then I started my career as a puppet designer and doll maker until now.

Collaboration with Universities and Festivals

In October 2012, 2013 and 2015 I was invited to Tehran Art University for speaking about new era of experimental animation at "International Animation Week" celebration. After that it was my honor to become a jury member of the first Animation Studies Student Conference at Tehran Art University sponsored by the Society for Animation Studies (SAS) in 2016. I have been continuing my cooperation with some universities such as Al-Zahra University , Maziar Advanced University of Royan and Tehran Art University as a visiting animation lecturer. Furthermore, in 2015 I volunteered to collaborate with the ninth Tehran International Animation Festival as the manager and curator of workshops and conferences.

Experimental Filmmaking

In 2012, besides writing my thesis I made an animation that was called Me Who Is Not Me. I used various techniques such as pixilation, photo animation and rotoscoping. After this experience I got the idea of using everyday tools and materials to create stop-frame animations. This idea led me to create another film named Spin with an innovative technique for the first time in history. It received positive feedback from Tehran International Animation Festival. During testing many other techniques, I found mobile phone as a new tool for experimental filmmaking and made Octo in 2017 which has been officially selected and screened at many festivals. Now I am trying to find a better experimental space to create my new ideas.

Experimental Animation Studies

During animation courses, I was impressed by experimental animation. As a result, I wrote my thesis in 2012 with the title of “The New Expressive Ways of Experimental Animation” under the supervision of Prof. Fatemeh Hosseini-Shakib, Ph.D. which received a diploma of honor from the ninth Tehran International Animation Festival in 2015, and has encouraged me to expand my studies and write four articles. After that, Iran's ASIFA magazine interviewed me about self-expression in experimental animations in 2019.

Various Experiences in Animation

After one year of working as a freelance jewelry designer, I decided to follow again my main enthusiasm for art in animation. I found animation as an area where I could express my inner aspects. So, I made my decision and was admitted to Tehran Art University for studying animation in 2009 and started to gain many skills such as animating, character design, visual compositing, editing and script writing. Then I chose to continue script writing as one of my freelance careers from 2012 until now. Also I worked as an art director in Identity animation project.

Jewelry Design + Graphic Design

In early years, seeking for a way to enter the animation fields, I started my work with graphic design which was more related to animation and my interest in studying about forms and compositions. Then I was admitted to Tehran Art University for studying handicraft in September 2003. I learned the fundamental principles in art and design and as my graduation project in 2007, I decided to create a collection of modern jewelry inspired by natural motifs, under supervising of Prof. AbdolNaser Giv Ghasab.