The "One Day” collection is based on plant motifs that come from my deep-rooted interest and curiosity in planting seeds. It has so much pleasure for me to watch how delicate sprouts split their seed coat and swirl gracefully towards the light. The combination of basic shapes with abstract plant forms reflects the concept of growth; the concept of fragility and solidity at the same time, and the movement of flexible and random forms on a stable and regular base.
In making this mixed-media collection, I used natural materials and both traditional and industrial tools.

Number and type of pieces: 6 bracelets, 5 rings, 3 pairs of earrings, 3 necklaces and 1 brooch.
Materials: wood, stone, metal, hair, fruit kernels, paper clay, dried flowers.
Tools: milling machine, coping saw, drills, chisels, sand papers, files, soldering tools, wood curving tools.
Year of production: originally designed in 2008, improved in 2022.
Categories: mixed media jewelry, statement jewelry, contemporary jewelry, handmade jewelry.