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Octo (2017)

A poetic expression of finding inner peace in a busy and polluted city...
[Filmed and Developed on Smartphone . Tehran . January . 2017]
Music: Gnossienne no.1 by Erik Satie
Piano: Pascal Rogé
The “Octo” is an experience about making moving image by using smartphone as a new media. The idea of this film first came to me when I was watching the rainbow and listening to the track I used. I had so many emotions like solitude, hope and living apart from nature in Tehran, the busy and polluted city. So I recorded a thirteen seconds video of the rainbow and developed it into eleven other videos. Using this technique, I made this film from twelve short films created by my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and I synced them with the music.

Spin (2014)

In this experimental animation, I showed the creation, unity and diversity of creatures using improvisation techniques in animation.

Me Who Is Not Me (2012)

A short film about conflict between a man and his shadow
This film is my graduate film, inspired by psychological theories. In this animation I mixed many techniques such as pixilation, 2D digital, photo animation, etc.

Perceptible Control (2011)

An experience with object and pixilation techniques. The story is about a girl who wants to control everything with a remote control!

National Unity (2010)

My first 2D experience as animation student about the green, white and red colors in Iran's flag, dancing together to reach the purpose of unity.

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